3 Unique Ways You Can Create Fresh and Captivating Copy for the Web

It is far easier to write a book or an article than to create copy. Copywriting involves a restricted use of words. So you have to make every one count. You cannot afford to take the limited space that you have for granted.

A major challenge of writing copy is that you have to be unique, engaging and stay relevant albeit at the same time. This takes some doing. However, it helps if you do not take your job too seriously and have a zany sense of imagination. Here are 3 unique ways you can create fresh and captivating copy for the web.

Tell a Person’s Story

People love an interesting story. They start from the beginning and would love to see how it all ends. You do not always have to rely on your own thoughts. If you find someone’s story that expresses what you want to say even better, use it.

You can use the story about a famous personality everyone knows or a successful individual in the industry or niche you are talking about. Let your copy reflect their lives, thoughts and experiences. Try to dig up information that people are not really aware of. Your readers would appreciate your efforts and different perspective.

Forget Words

As the saying goes “a picture speaks more than a 1,000 words”. You do not have to always use words to craft a compelling copy. Sometimes, you can use an illustration or image to make your point. Instead of trying to find the right string of words, try etching your thoughts on paper.

You will be surprised that some illustrations and images say certain things better than even words can. In this era of social media, if your visuals are intriguing, you can expect them to be shared across the world in a matter of hours.

Be Funny

Humor is a language that everyone understands. It is not every time that you should try to be serious or business like. Sometimes, the right and funny words can do the trick and make people see things in a different light, crack a smile or burst out into laughter. Try to make your copy lively and funny. Write with gusto and enthusiasm. If you are bored or going through the motions, it will definitely show in your copy and rub people off.

Being funny might just be the easiest way to get people to understand you. However, the door swings both ways. Try not to overdo it and remember that you are trying to close a sale. If they do not get your funny approach, you lose them forever.