Adobe Captivate – The Next Generation of Professional E-Learning Tools

Adobe Captivate is a e-Learning software program developed by Adobe Systems both for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, capable of creating software presentations, demonstrations and simulations in the.SWT format.

Thanks to an intuitive UI and numerous features, Abobe Captivate is the perfect application for enriching and empowering your courseware. The goal of Captivate is to transform a CBT into a multimedia experience, and to deliver information with the help of new technologies.

The most important features of Adobe Captivate are:

* Real time recording

* The “event-based screen capture” feature offers the possibility to record still images and then to run them in a simulation

* “Adobe Flash Tweening” helps creating screenshots in a much smaller file size for using them in a “full-motion screen capture movie”

* The editing feature includes: adding captions, videos, clickable hotspots (which can redirect the user to other slides from the presentation or to external web pages, boxes with text entry and much more

* Also related to content editing, the user has the possibility to include images, mouse pointers…etc, and to choose the time when they’ll appear/disappear in the presentation

* With Captivate one can import in his presentation different images, videos, audios and even PowerPoint

* Captivate can convert the resulting.SWF files into.AVI, which at their turn can be transferred to a video hosting website

Captivate can keep track of the score data in the LMS (Learning Management System), thanks to its compatibility to SCORM, PENS, AICC output

Adobe Captivate 5 is the latest version of the software, which brings in upgraded features based on the latest multi-media technologies. This time the main focus is on creating professional content, as well as personalized presentations. Using Adobe Captivate 5 it’s easier to collaborate when working on a presentation and to keep track of the presentation, thanks to the Adobe CS Live online service and

Some of the newest improvements brought about by Adobe Captivate 5 are presented below:

* The newest GUI (Graphic User Interface) reduces the work time spent on a presentation, by offering personalized workspace and multiple document interface

* Now it’s easier to create animation effects, by combining multiple predefined effects. Also, one can make its presentation richer by importing some of the custom effects available on Adobe Flash Professional software

* Styles can now be defined and applied to the desired objects

* The “Master Slides” feature allows to obtain a consistent and well-formatted content

* Adobe Captivate 5 gives the possibility to import videos in various formats, such as:.AVI,.MOV, FLV, MPEG…etc. The videos can then be synchronized with the slides

* The library has been enriched with new predefined widgets, skins, animations, text captions, images, and much more

* One can even keep track of the performances (such as pass or fail rates) with the help of an evaluation tool

* The Twitter feature gives the possibility for students and instructors to interact with one another, by just logging in their Twitter account

The main difference between Camstasia Studio and Captivate is that Adobe Captivate 5 is a powerful tool for creating consistent and professional presentations suitable for corporate use. The newly introduced features enhance the performances of the CBT program transforming it into a complete solution for creating thorough demonstrations and presentations.