Disney Motion Pictures – Feel Young Again With These Ageless Treasures

One way to share your childhood memories with your own child is to start a collection of Disney films.

My childhood was greatly enhanced by the Disney Movies. Today Disney continues this tradition by producing quality films for young and old alike.

Each story is different and it’s not hard to find a favorite amongst the many films. There is something for everyone of every age in each Disney movie. The older films are still fun to watch, but the technology of today has made the new ones totally amazing to watch.

When you watch these films, you really are watching a piece of art. This may make me seem old, but I remember watching Cinderella in the theaters so I have been familiar with these movies throughout the years and feel qualified to compare. I will always cherish the old cartoon drawings of the older movies, but the new computer generated films of today have captured my imagination just as well.

Regardless of how the movies are made, children will continue to be captivated by the amazing imagery. The strong and intriguing story lines through the last forty years have always engaged young children of all ages to the films.

I was pleased when Disney began to release the old movies on DVD because this meant I could finally share them with my children! And like I did in my youth, my children watch them over and over again. They release them slowly so it might take you a while to collect them all.

This is good news for me and my children. I can’t think of a better place to share these movies with my children than in the comfort of our own home. Most of these movies are not shown on TV and rarely shown again in the theaters, but with the DVD’s you are able to share these wonderful stores with your children.

I think the new movies are fantastic, but I still get goosebumps when my children want to watch one of the older classics. It is such a great bonding experience being able to share these movies with my children, and I am really enjoying that opportunity.