How to Take Motion Shots Like a Pro

Motion shots are categorized into three headings that include stop, pan and blur. Each category will enable the photographer or hobbyist to obtain a different effect in their shot. The majority of people prefer the stop effect where the motion of the object is frozen in a millisecond of time. This is exactly the shot desired in most sports photos of athletes. It is achieved by a very fast shutter speed that enables the picture to be etched on the film or sensor so quickly that they are frozen in that moment of time. The faster shutter speed means that the particular ISO setting must be higher to allow in more light when taking the photo and snapping the shot.

To pan effect will follow the motion along with the photographer’s camera and will give a sharply focused object with a blurred surrounding. This captivating motion effect is similar to the stop effect as it stops the motion of the object that is the focal point of the shot. It is challenging to follow an object with a camera while snapping a great shot. This skill can require patience and much practice to master. Photographers and hobbyists should not become discouraged because over time they will find their shots becoming better. Some people use a tripod with a swivel head to assist them in keeping the camera still when achieving a pan effect. A plain background works best for panning. It is recommended by most professional photographers to begin with a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second to start and then to make sure nothing obstructs the view once the object that is the focal point of a picture moves.

The effect of blurring is when a slow shutter speed is used so the object of the photo is deliberately blurred but the impression given is one of speed and is the whole aim of the shot. In the event a camera is point and click it might also have a sports or action mode.

A great tip for capturing motion in shots is to use the burst or servo mode on the camera if it is available. This will offer a series of shots taken in a burst which makes it more likely to get that extra special shot. This effect gives the illusion that action is happening in the photograph. If people want to shoot in burst mode on their camera they will be clicking away with speed taking many shots. A memory card with a large-capacity is ideal when taking many shots in an outing. It is a true nightmare for photographers to run out of storage space on their camera when great shots present themselves. A good rule of thumb is to be prepared with additional storage space when venturing out to take photos. If shutter lag is a dilemma with a camera then burst mode will increase the chances of a great shot.

If photographers are after a particular scene where something is moving and they want the background to be clear with sharpness like a landscape with moving water then it is best to use a slow shutter speed and a tripod to prevent camera shake. This technique is able give an unusual effect making the water blurred to the extent it looks like it has been painted into the photo. Whether photographers and hobbyists choose to use stop, pan or blur effects to take motion shots these few basic and simple to follow tips can assist in taking great photographs like a professional with their digital photo camera.