Hermit Crab Breeding – Can It Be Done In Captivity!

There are a lot of people that will tell you that hermit crab breeding cannot be done in captivity. However, the true answer is that it is possible and can be achieved although it is very tricky. This then begs the question “why is it so hard to breed hermit crabs?” Well in order to answer this you have to look at how the hermits breed in the wild.

It is important to note that of all the species of these little creatures on the planet (well over 500) only 15 or so of these are land based, or live on land permanently. Out of these 15 species, all of them have their offspring in the sea. You see, what the land based crabs do is to lay their eggs on the shoreline and the motion of the waves carry the many thousands of eggs into the sea. The young then hatch in the water and make their way on to dry land. When the very tiny crabby critters reach dry land their first task is to find a suitable shell to make their home in. As you can see this causes a potential problem for breeding these crabby critters right away. How can you re-create the ocean in a mock set up?

Well first of all you will need a fairly large tank. One half needs to be sand in order to re-create the shoreline effect and a salt water tank needs to be placed in the other half. If no natural salt water, you can make this up by putting one teaspoon of salt to every cup of water. The temperature needs to be maintained at around 72oF and you will need to purchase a pump which will simulate waves in the water. These can be bought from a good pet stockist for a few bucks. Try to create a walkway or ramp that naturally leads from the sandy area into the salt water tank as this will mimic the shoreline down to the water’s edge

So now you have set the scene for successful mating for these little crawly critters what other problems can you expect? Well these little guys are pretty fussy critters and will not lay eggs until everything is just perfect, so you may well have to give her a helping hand. Firstly monitor the expectant mother and check the color of the stored eggs. When they turn a dark grey they are ready to be hatched. In order to do this dip the shell of the mother to be in the salt water, but try to avoid getting her under body wet. Next twist the shell to dislodge the eggs into the salt water. The next thing to do is to wait and observe. What you are looking for is tiny zoea. They should hatch pretty quickly after hitting the water but can take up to a few hours.

Once they are hatched, immediately begin feeding the young powdered brine shrimp. Also it is recommended to add thawed plankton to the tank to aid nutrition. Once they are around the fourteen days old point you will need to select tiny conical shells for the young crawly critters and place them the other side of your ramp area. After this point the crabs should begin to come ashore to select their relevant shells. This is critical because they need to find the right shell in order to survive!

When the danger stage is over and the young are around 40 days old, they can be placed in the tank along with all the other crabby critters and should now lead a normal life in captivity.

As you can see hermit crab breeding can be a tricky process that is fraught with danger and is quite tricky to pull off. However, it is definitely possible that if you follow these procedures then you could be rearing your own crabby critter colony before long.

5 Things to Know About Motion Graphics and Content Marketing

The Internet has changed the way that businesses market their products and services, making options like content marketing and motion graphics the necessary step for a competitive edge. While tried and true traditional options still exist, the proliferation of websites, social media, and video sharing formats changed the way that it was efficient to deliver information about a company. Content marketing is centered around providing relevant and helpful information about a topic that provides education to the viewer. The hope is that they will have a need, perform an online search for answers, find the solution in a posted video, blog, or website, then turn to the company as an expert in the field and make a purchase. One way to improve the look of videos and posted content is to use motion graphics, which animates text and images to make them both catchy and professional.

1. Content marketing is wordy, which can be minimized by motion graphics

Often, content marketing efforts are wordy by their nature. Information about a topic is being presented to the public and that can need explanations, examples, and a lot of verbal support. With the right animation, that wordiness can be minimized. Some content can be presented in popup text boxes, or screens with animated text. With or without a voiceover, this approach can be captivating and have a better impact on the viewer than a speaking person alone.

2. Motion graphics can effectively present difficult content

If the idea or subject of the video is difficult to understand, than animation might make the description easier to grasp. Most people learn better with a visual aid. The new product a company is attempting to promote can be rendered in a drawing that rotates or shows its function as a person describes it. A new service provided by a firm can be explained with animated images that better exemplifies the qualities that the video attempts to portray for the company.

3. Professional or in-house options exist

A few years ago, only highly-talented graphic artists could create animation for videos. Now, software that is readily available for marketing departments can be purchased and used by staff in-house. Often, these include ready-made stock images, or various plug-ins that layer an image to give a 3D effect, which makes the image stand out. Of course, for a full range of customizable motion graphics, the best option is a professional service.

4. The content should guide the animation

The key to any video being successful is for it to be entertaining, but relevant and succinct. Even a good thing like motion graphics can be abused and end up creating a mess of a video. Allow the animation to be guided by the content, tone, and targeted audience. Research how to best portray the information and how to draw attention to what is most important.

5. Videos are already a powerful way to share content

Videos have always been an effective way to share information. Before the Internet, that could only be done through television commercials. Now, any company can create relevant and original content in the form of a video and share it on their own website, through social media, or on a video sharing site. Since more people are using videos now, it is important that yours stands out. Motion graphics can provide that extra layer of entertainment to make the viewer click and stay, and then take the action you seek.

Moving Motion Pictures – The Wall Decor You Will Fall in Love With!

Moving motion pictures are extremely captivating wall decor. You will fall in lover with them the moment you catch their glimpse. The vibrant colors, the wonderful scenes, the lovely sounds… moving motion pictures are all about beauty and serenity. Unlike the ordinary wall accents, these pictures come in great choices. You can find 3D picture portraying wonderful scenes of nature such as waterfalls, forests rivers, oceans, beaches, sunsets etc. there are also modern city scenes to be found in this art including the most popular and beautiful cities.

The unique thing about these wall accents is their realism. The true to life scenes together with astounding sounds make them a wonderful wall accent for all homeowners. However, before you settle for any 3D picture, you should bear in mind a few things so that you can make the best of this wall decor.

Firstly, it is important to know as to where you are going to use these animated pictures. Once you know the spaces or the room where you have to place them, it will become easy for you to pick the right decor which is of right sizes and theme.

It is also important to keep in view your budget while seeking for lighted pictures. The small ones are very cost effective while the medium of large ones are slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, compared to other modern wall decors, the moving pictures are extremely affordable. The beauty and chic you get in the form of these fabulous wall accents are certainly peerless.

Other than using the 3D pictures for your home decor, you can also use them as gifts for your loved ones. You will be able to find perfect moving motion pictures for people of different age groups and interests. So wait no more and unveil the world of this fantastic wall accent now!