Underwater Photography – When Your Subject Is Always in Motion

As much as there is magic on land, many photographers find themselves underwater to look for new challenges and inspirations. The aquatic scene is a whole new world to conquer and the promise of breathtaking shots is an opportunity that is hard to miss out on. Photographing below though, requires a whole new set of skills and equipment. All the challenges however will be well rewarded with unique and captivating images in the end.

Keep in mind that when shooting underwater it’s important to have a heightened awareness of your environment. Since you’ll be spending a great deal of time submerged in the water, it’s important to get well acquainted with the surroundings. As the photographer, the majority of the outcome of the whole endeavor rests on you so you must be in your element while shooting.

You must have excellent swimming skills if you want to take on a deep water shooting project. These will come handy especially in situations where subjects are constantly moving around. To take outstanding shots, you need to be able to move and swim around fast. If you can’t catch up with a subject in motion, the photos will not turn out as great as you want them to be.

Know the subject very well before undertaking an oceanic adventure. For instance, if you plan on shooting sea creatures, it is imperative that you know their nature. Remember that the undersea is their world and you want to be in harmony with their nature. Know what kind of approach is needed so as not to spook or provoke any subject you want to shoot. Understanding the swim pattern of a fish, for example, will give you the know how on angles that can produce stunning images.

Using the right equipment is a must in a project below the surface of the water. You don’t really have to go out of the way to achieve what you’re aiming for. A point-and-shoot camera in a waterproof gear will do. It is economical and easy to use. However, most professionals prefer to use a DSLR camera since it is a more sophisticated system and easier to control. For moving subjects in the water, a DSLR camera is the more appropriate choice.

The water can be a very charming environment but it can also be dangerous. It is important to pay attention to your safety when taking on underwater photography. Understand your limits and employ the help of professional swimmers or scuba divers if necessary.